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Our classes are non-competitive programs that emphasize fun, strength, flexibility and balance development. We feature the four Olympic events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Your child will advance through beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced levels as new skills are mastered. They will also have the opportunity to  transition into our competitive team program, if desired, after mastering the intermediate level

Gymnastic Classes

55 minute class time
K - 1st Grade (Level 1-2)
1st - 3rd Grade (Level 1-2)
2nd - 4th Grade (Level 1-2)
3rd - 6th Grade (Level 1-2)
Level 3 (6yrs+)
Level 4 (6yrs+)


Bars: Front Support, Cast, Candle Stick, Pull Over With Block, 5 Pull ups, 5 tuck ups, Static Back Hip Circle Spotted. 

Beam: Correct Beam Positions, Demonstrate Beam Walks, Bear Crawls, Jump to Stick Off Beam, and Proper Mount. 

Floor: Backward Roll On Cheese Mat, Bridge Hold, Forward Roll On Cheese Mat, Handstand on Panel Mat.

Vault: Arm Circle to Two Foot Stick, Box Jumps, Butt Kicks, Chasse, High Knees, One Foot Jump From Run, Spotted Handstand  Flat Back


Bars: 3x Cast With Push Off To Stick, Back Hip Circle Spotted With Small Cast, Forward Roll To Chin Hold, Pull Over With Spot, Birdie Perch, Know All Grips, Front Support To Tuck Climb On. 

Beam: Baby Handstand Hops, Beam Walks, Mount, T Position Lever, Beam Jumps, Long Jumps On Beam, Donkey Kicks/Half Handstand.

Floor: Back Bend Walking Hands Down Wall, Back Bends On Floor, Cartwheel On A Line, Cartwheel Step Ins, Chasse Step Ins, Chasse Step Kick/Hop, Handstand Forward Roll with Mat, Heel Snap Turns, Jumps Off Panel Mat To Stuck Standing. 

Vault: Bounce To Handstand On Board, Spring Board Hops, Handstand Flat Back On 8incher, Butt Kicks, High Knees, Grapevine, Sprints. 


Bars: Pullover Unassisted, Leg Cut Forward, 10 Push Ups, Back Hip Circle With Cast Unassisted, Low Bar Tap Swings, Pike Swings, Front Hip Circle Spotted (Both Grips).

Beam: Beam Jumps, Beam Kicks, Step Leap- Land In Arabesque, Side Handstand From A Kneel, Handstands, Cartwheels On Low Beam, Heal Snap Turns.

Floor: Heel Snap Turns, Half Turn, Kick Overs, Round Offs, Floor Jumps, Step Leap- Land In Arabesque, Back Handsprings On Barrel.

Vault: Sprints, Handstand Blocks On Floor, Run To Straight Jump Onto Res, Handstand Flat Back On Resi, Run- Jump To Handstand On Block. 

level 4

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