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Competitive Cheer

As a Top Notch Athletics member, you will have opportunities to perform and compete at festivals and promotional work as well as local and National competitions. Participating on an all all star team may increase one’s chance of placement on a high school squad or obtaining a college scholarship by exposing cheerleaders to the advanced skills sought by these programs.


We want this to be an exciting and unforgettable experience for you and your All Star. We will provide a structured and healthy environment for your child, but we expect your child to take advantage of our program and work hard as a Top Notch Athletics cheerleader. Our goal is to reach the maximum potential of each individual and the squad as a whole. We expect each family to represent our gym and the Top Notch Athletics team in a positive manner.


What Is All Star Cheer?

All star cheer is a competitive, team activity that includes a 2:30 minute routine combining tumbling, stunts, jumps, dance/motions and performance/ showmanship. The Allstar industry is governed by an organization known as the United States All Star Federation. The USASF sets routine guidelines, experience levels, and age groups in order to allow teams to compete against other teams of similar age and ability levels.

NOTE: The USASF requires athlete registration for the season. This is similar to athlete registration with other youth sports like baseball, gymnastics, and swimming. The expected membership fee is $30 payable on If you are new to All Star cheerleading program please go to

for some great introductory information.

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